Please see the list of documentary requirements for the application of additional job order for POEA-accredited principals for the purpose of hiring of Filipino workers with H-2B (Professional) working visas.

Initial:  Checklist of Documents for Additional Job Order/s – H-2B
1. Application Form (POLO-LA Form No. 009 s.0622)
2. Apostilled Certificate of Authorization (POLO-LA Form No. 003 s.0622)

*Applicable if new authorized representative/s 

3. Apostilled Manpower Request/Job Order  (POLO-LA Form No. 004B s.0622)
4. Apostilled Master Employment Contract (POLO-LA Form No. 005 s.0622) and

5A. Actual Duties and Qualifications (POLO-LA Form No. 005A s.0622)

*Applicable if New Positions or if Required by POLO-LA after evaluation.

5. Copy of the Previously Approved Manpower Request/Job Order with the POLO and POEA Stamps

*Applicable if the Additional Job Order is for Old Positions 


Important Reminders:

  1. Valid Accreditation with the Philippine Recruitment Agency
  2. Utilized at least 75% – 100% of its Initial Manpower Request/Job Order.
  3. Result of the virtual or on-site monitoring.
  4. All Filipino employees should have taken the Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar.
  5. All documents should be original.
  6. Use letter size (8.5”x11”) paper and print only on one side. (No back-to-back printing.)
  7. The documents should be arranged/organized according to the checklist. Incomplete documents will be returned for compliance. Please don’t submit documents not on this list unless requested by the Labor Attaché.
  8. All details must be encoded/type-written and no erasures.
  9. Only the Authorized Representative with duly accomplished and Apostilled Certificate of Authorization form (POLO-LA Form No. 003 s.0622) may coordinate with POLO-LA.
  10. E-signatures are not acceptable.
  11. FEDEX or UPS return label with envelope.
  12. Don’t leave blanks. Put N/A if inapplicable.

Upon completion of the requirements, submit the COMPLETE documents through courier.




For one worker For two or more workers
Apostilled Manpower Request / Job Order (JO) $10 $30
Apostilled Master Employment Contract $10 $30
Apostilled Certificate of Authorization $10 $30
TOTAL $30 $90


             B.2. PROCESS CYCLE TIME

Three (3) working days for additional job orders provided that the documents are complete and in order.



The courier of documents shall be through FedEx, to be sent during office hours

(9:00 am to 5:00 pm) at the following address:

        Address:     Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Los Angeles
        3435 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 2285, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90010


Please follow the guidelines in order to prevent unnecessary delays:

1. All costs for courier and delivery shall be shouldered by the employer;

2. Kindly provide your FedEx Account Number, or create one if you do not have one. This step is mandatory.

3. You are going to fill out two (2) Airway Bills.


A. Airway Bill #1 is going to be attached to the outside of your package. This includes your ordinary shipping details such as:

Sender          :       (Your Address)
Recipient      :       (POLO-LA’s address)

B. As for Airway Bill #2, kindly fill up the details in such a way that the sending party and location is from the POLO-LA office address from Los Angeles. Kindly include Airway Bill #2, as well as an empty FedEx envelope, inside your package.


4. Ship to POLO-LA.

5. After POLO-LA receive the original documents, POLO-LA will send an email of the assessment of fees.

6. The employer will send proof of payment to POLO-LA.

7. POLO-LA proceeds with the verification of the documents. Original documents shall be stamped, dated, and signed by the Labor Attaché.

8. POLO-LA will then use the FedEx return label and envelope which you have provided.

9. POLO-LA will drop your envelope to the FedEx dropbox.